Which is the Best Antivirus for Android Mobile in 2018?

Some time ago it was not even thought about installing an antivirus on Android , because in theory it was immune to viruses, because it is based on Linux, but the truth is that this has changed.

If you do not have the phone rooted , you can be calmer, because applications can not corrupt the system, beyond installing advertising or other annoying issue. But if you have the root user activated, you should have an antivirus solution, because any app that you install will have the privilege to do what you want with your phone.

In any case, it is always advisable to have an antivirus and here we will review the best free antivirus options available for Android.

AVG Antivirus FREE

AVG has real-time analysis, both applications, games or files , so there is no need to start scanning on your own, as happens with other alternatives.

As for anti-theft control, you have the possibility to locate the device using Google Maps, something simple, but useful to know where the device is located.

As additional has the ability to eliminate tasks that slow down the device, as well as control applications that use more battery.

An interesting feature of this free Android antivirus is that it allows you to save private photos in an encrypted store, with which only those with the password can access.

Within the free options this is one of the best, because it really offers many functions without the need to pay.

Avira Antivirus Security

An interesting option within the free Android antivirus because it gives most functions in its free version, leaving the extras for the Premium version.

It has a real-time antivirus that allows you to examine both files and applications, with the possibility of blocking viruses on the go. Analyzes the applications to see the amount of private data they collect and gives them a score, so you know how compromised your privacy in each application.

It has anti-theft protection, which allows you to track the location of the device and displays it on a map. It also allows you to block or erase phone memory or block access to certain applications that might contain sensitive content.

As an additional feature, has the ability to launch an acoustic alarm with which you can find the phone when you lose it somewhere nearby.

Undoubtedly a highly recommended option, although it consumes more resources than other alternatives.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

It is a light option that has the basic options available, which is ideal for Smartphones with low memory.

It allows a scan in search of viruses and also has an Auto-Pilot function that allows you to scan intelligently, both files, as installed or downloaded app.

If you are looking for something simple and light this is the recommended option.

Kaspersky Antivirus & Security

Rated as one of the best antivirus in terms of detection of zero-day or unknown threats, it is a robust and free option for Android.

In the free version it allows to carry out virus analysis and has some anti-theft functions, if you pay you will access the Premium version, which has real-time analysis, navigation protection and protection of sensitive information on your phone.

While the free version does not have many features, at least it allows you to perform virus scans with one of the best antivirus engines that currently exist.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

ESET is a prestigious antivirus firm that has been chosen by many for a long time, due to its trajectory in protection for Windows systems.

It has two versions, one free and one Premium. With the free you can analyze the phone whenever you want in search of viruses, files or even analyzing the behavior of this.

It also has anti-theft protection, GPS tracking , remote alarm and file deletion that is activated by SMS, all for free.

When you install the application you will have access to 30 free days of Premium features, including automatic updates , scheduled analyzes or when the battery is charged and blocking SMS and calls , among other functions.


Norton Antivirus and Security

Another of the award-winning options that has a long history in the antivirus market, which is a reliable solution.

Like the other alternatives, in the free version it allows basic protection, with on-demand scanning and anti-theft protection, with the possibility of blocking the phone remotely via SMS .

To access real-time analysis functions and other advanced analysis functions, it is necessary to purchase the Premium version.

CM Security App Lock Antivirus

The good thing about CM Security is that it not only has a built-in antivirus, but also has anti-theft security features and application blocking .

It has protection in real time, both when you download a file, as when you enter a website and does not slow down the operation of the computer.

As functions of blocking access to applications, it allows blocking messaging applications such as Facebook or WhatsApp, so that nobody can access your private data.

It also has a private browsing module that eliminates all traces of navigation and allows you  videos or view websites without images, which makes it much faster, with the advantage of having anti-phishing protection and websites that may contain malware.

Something interesting is that you can activate a function that when someone incorrectly enters the pin take a picture and notify you by email, so you can find out who wants to snoop on your stuff.

To make matters worse, has an anti-theft feature that gives you the ability to locate your device on a map, sound an alarm to find it or even lock the device remotely.

It is one of the most downloaded antivirus of Android, and it goes for more than 20 million downloads.

Which free antivirus to choose?

The choice of an antivirus is a tricky issue in mobile phones, because they are applications that consume a lot of resources and battery .

With which we recommend that you select taking into account your needs and the capacity of your Smartphone, remember that the more features have the heaviest antivirus usually.

If you want something full AVG or Avira are the ideal options, but they are the ones that will consume the most resources. While if you want something light you may prefer to opt for Bitdefender or Kaspersky that has few options, but are lighter.

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