Top 3 free cloud storage options

Cloud storage sites have surely become one of the utmost need of this era, and this is because people, business men as well as companies cannot fully rely on backup hard disks and on backup servers completely, as before you know they might also get crashed and you will surely loose all o your precious data while leaving nothing in your hands.

Backup hard disks and servers are surely very costly and from time to time you need more and more space, hard disks, storage media etc in order to backup your entire data, hence allowing it to be a way much costly deal, as you would be spending a good amount over backing up, managing and even protecting that backup data. However these things have been dynamically changed after the cloud storage sites came into this business, as they charge way much less as compared to any other backup source and they also give all the necessary protection that is needed for your data at a meager cost, while completely eliminating the need of backup storage devices.

In the following lines you will get to know about some of the top cloud storage sites that you can choose to go with:

Drop Box

Drop Box is regarded as one of the best and famous cloud storage site that allows its users to save all of their precious data whenever they want and without any hardships. One of the best things about drop box is that it offers you free 2GB space as soon as you sign up with them, while it offers more space to you if any of your referrals join this site too, hence allowing you to get space online without paying any fee. If you are planning to use Drop box on corporate level and especially where you can store your tons of data, than that can go with their paid plains, as the drop box’s paid plans offer you up to 1TB of storage space or even more! So you can select any of the desired plans as per your needs.


Microsoft Sky Drive

Microsoft’s Sky Drive became popular in the world of Storage sites as soon as it was launched in the market. When you choose to go with this cloud storage media, you will get 7 GB of free storage space immediately, which is surely more than enough for residential purposes. You can backup your pictures, files, folders or anything you want in the best possible manner. However if you are looking forward towards more space, than you can buy its paid packages which are up to 100GB and are surely perfect for small businesses.


Mega Upload

Mega Upload is known to be one of the most distinctive cloud storage devices that offer you up to 50 GB of free storage space! Which is surely perfect for small businesses as well as for residential purposes, and this is because it is offering them what they desire the most and this is huge amount of free storage space. So just upload movies or anything you want in an easier way. Only drawback that comes with it is that is completely browser based storage space and it doesn’t have any desktop or mobile application till now.

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