The best tips to start your computer or laptop first time.

If you just bought a computer, either a desktop or a laptop, it is convenient that the first time you put it in motion, using the power button, take a series of measures that will help you improve the functionalities and extend the useful life of the team.

In today’s article we will review all of them:

First of all it is important to read the instructions that the manufacturer puts at our disposal, in some cases it can also be interesting to download the quick user guide through its website.

What are the operations to take into account the first time you start your computer?

  • While the first ignition is carried out:

In some computers the system is not completely installed, so Windows will not start how it normally does and we will be transferred to a configuration screen where we will have to incorporate certain personal data and also carry out the adjustment and customization of certain parameters .

It is important to pay attention to this phase, since it depends on the performance that we will be able to draw our team later during the development of the activities in which we intend to use it.

  • After performing the first security recovery of our team:

Once this point is reached, when the computer displays a pop-up window in which it gives us the option to perform the recovery or backup of the factory equipment, it is important to make this recording on a disc (CD or DVD, and usually 2 are used, although the equipment may require up to 11) to be safe, because in the future, and in the event of any operating system failure, we will have to use this Recovery to restore the parameters of our computer. The drivers will also be recorded in this unit.

What to do if you lose the Recovery discs and need them for a restoration of your computer system?

You must contact the manufacturer so that he can provide them again in exchange for a not too high cost.

  • Before connecting our computer to the internet network for the first time ::

After having in our possession the copy of the system we will proceed to configure in our computer the internet connection (it does not matter if it is a home network or your work network) and once the process is finished we will check, before opening the browser we should check that the basic functions of our team work correctly; CD player, desktop, files, etc … It is even convenient to restart the computer.

It is also essential to ensure that the antivirus of our team, in addition to the Firewall works properly, thus avoiding the possibility of intrusion into our team of some malicious infectious agent. Remember to never install a new antivirus without having uninstalled the previous one.

Remember that it is important to check the operating system updates of your computer every so often to keep it more protected against possible viruses.

Finally, you must make a selection between the programs that the computer already has installed at the factory and eliminate those whose functions do not interest you, or that are demo versions whose expiration usually occurs after a month or fifteen days of the beginning of its use. In this way you will get your computer to work with more space and can perform the tasks you need with better performance and faster work.

So, after following these simple tips, start enjoying your team making the most of this technology purchase.

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