Skype adds a real-time code editor to interview programmers

The search for employment is increasingly focused on new technologies, and what used to be going from company to company, depositing CVs in mailboxes, nowadays translates into access to social networks and interviews through Skype or media. Similar.

Now, to be able to carry out an interview or test a language programmer through Skype is a very complex task, because if we want to know in depth the performance in a language or its programming methods we could forget about performing the interview through this mode.

But that was until now, because with Skype Interviews we can carry out this kind of interviews without any problem, without installing any application, without the need for a license, without the need for prior registration and being able to see our candidate live as a program, all without depending on being physically in the same place and with all the advantages that new technologies offer.

As we can see in the screenshot, we have the most common programming languages ​​and most demanded in the market, what do we miss? Yes, but we are sure that little by little this web application will be improving and will be added.

The process to achieve an interactive interview like this one is very simple, since it will be enough for the recruiter to access the website, request to create a new session as a guest and send the link that is provided to the person to be interviewed, both You can perform this session without the need to provide any personal data, without installing any application and in seconds.

As you see, the search for employment is increasingly linked to new technologies and to access a job is no longer necessary to go to an interview in person, even if they want to measure your technical skills, all thanks to Skype and this interesting improvement.


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