Mozilla Lockbox, Improve Advanced Password Manager in Firefox

Mozilla is one of the firms that over the last few months is working and growing in the web browser sector, all focused on its Firefox proposal, software that aims to

approach the current undisputed leader, Google Chrome .


Well, also since a few months ago the same firm is working on a new password manager for their Internet browser which they have called Lockbox and from which they have launched a new version just a few hours ago. For all those who do not know the project, say that Lockbox is the new system that works as a password manager for the desktop versions of the Firefox browser that will replace the manager that it incorporates when it is currently installed.

With all this, the company aims to test and improve the management of passwords in Firefox in order to increase the online security of its software. For all this, this project is protected with a new encryption system and uses the encryption AES256-GCM and HMAC SHA-256 for the search of hash data, as indicated by Mozilla itself . Say that all this is in full development , so the password manager is available in its alpha version, which means that it still has several limitations , something that we must take into account before installing the extension .

For all of this, we will not be able to import passwords from Firefox or other password management solutions to Lockbox at the moment, nor is there a system for exporting passwords. However, we can be useful to know the progress that Mozilla is introducing in everything related to security in Firefox, section increasingly important for everyone.

How to use Lockbox in Firefox now

In order to use this new software for our passwords, the first thing we must do is log in using a Firefox account after installing the extension from the link above. To say that at the moment the three main features that Lockbox supports are, add login information , open all saved entries using the corresponding icon in the toolbar , or copy the login data from Firefox.

Although at the moment its functionality is somewhat limited, we must bear in mind that this password management system is the future for Firefox users, so it does not hurt to start getting used to its mode of operation. To finish we will say that after installing the new version of Lockbox that has just been launched, the existing data of the previous entries of the extension are automatically deleted, since new security features are added in this last revision that were not previously supported.

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