Some of the Linux commands that you did not know

In Unix-based operating systems, the terminal is one of the most used programs , leaving the desktop environment in the background on many occasions. But of course, to use the terminal efficiently we have to use the commands that it integrates with those that perform all the tasks we have to perform, but they are so many commands that I’m sure you do not know them all.

Next we are going to show you some of the commands that you probably did not know with which you will surely increase your productivity with the terminal of the Unix-based operating systems. So start your Linux distribution or your macOS because you surely want to try these commands on your computer.

The commands that you have to know to use in your terminal

  • termsave : We start with one of the commands that can create screensavers for our terminal such as those that we can use in our operating system. These screensavers are based on texts such as Star Wars, watches or even Matrix. If we have the tool installed in our operating system you can use the -h option to get help with its operation and options.
  • pv : No, we do not want to say ps , this is a command used to monitor the status of the data copy and other elements. Among the options is to control the speed, the performance, the byte counter, the end time, a progress bar … Without doubt a good way to monitor the data transfer in the operating system.
  • calendar : Without a doubt, this command is not at all as strange as the previous ones, but surely it can be given a utility that can even replace the desktop environments. This is a modification of the BSD operating system calendar for Linux, but without the moon and sun phases.

So, will you try these commands? Do you think they will be useful for you on a day-to-day basis? If so, leave your comment and explain how you use them or if you know other commands that you use every day

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