Learn how to activate your WhatsApp account on two cell phones

Totally free, oh yes! Hello, wapas , we bring you a new trick so you can put it into practice as an immediate one. This will be perfect for all those who are fans of the WhatsApp app. But, first we are going to tell you what it is about.

If you had in mind to have an account open on two different cell phones, let me tell you that it is now possible. The only thing you need are two cell phones with Android system . One of them with the social network downloaded and the other one will need an additional app (do not worry, it’s free). Now yes, hands on.

▬ How to have the same WhatsApp account on two cell phones

► On the cell phone that does not have the social network, download the ClonZap app  (go directly to Google Play).

► As soon as it is installed, a tutorial will appear, from which you can escape. A QR code will automatically appear.

► We take the cell phone with WhatsApp , we go to the three dots, and we select WhatsApp web.

► We register the code, and voila, you already have your account open in two cell phones.

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