IPhone and iPad apps will be compatible with Mac in future versions of iOS and macOS

In his latest report for Bloomberg , Mark Gurman (one of the most respected analysts in what the Apple world is concerned) claims that Apple’s company is working on new tools that allow developers to create and design applications that, without be more than a version of it, be able to work on both iOS and Mac .

This would be a step that, in addition to saving time and making life easier for developers, would mean a greater simplicity for the user, not having to download different applications for each system, or have an app that, for example, serves to iPad but it does not work on a Mac.

The applications, with this new system, can be designed so that their interface works both through the touch screen and with a mouse or trackpad , depending on the platform that is executing them.

The intention of Apple is that this new feature is available in the next versions of both operating systems ( iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 ), which Cupertino is expected to present at WWDC next June; As the operating systems will not be launched until September, the developers would have all summer to work on adapting their apps to this functionality, and so we could enjoy applications compatible with both systems from the moment they are released.

However, Bloomberg also says that these plans “are not engraved in stone”, and that, although Apple’s intention is to launch this functionality with the next versions of their operating systems, it is also possible that it will suffer some delay and is not available. until a future more distant, or even that the plans are canceled. And it is that it would not be the first time that Apple works to unify the apps for several platforms and then back away.

It also remains to be seen how developers are able to take advantage of the advantages of creating a single application that is capable of adapting to the different paradigms of iOS and macOS. Presumably, the new SDK will be centered on iOS and will allow compatibility with Mac (instead of the other way around).

Currently developers use UIKit to create applications on iOS, and AppKit to do the same on Mac. The next framework could be an extension of UIKit, or a completely new framework.

With this, Apple would take another step forward to those made in recent years, and that have made iOS apps more flexible today than in the past, with support, for example, for different aspect ratios and sizes of screen according to if you use the application on iPhone or iPad, or if, in the latter, you use it in full screen or split in multitasking.

The Bloomberg report, however, does not mention compatibility of this new SDK with tvOS (although tvOS is mainly based on iOS, although with its own interface), and not with the Apple Watch, which, in that case , it is a device very different from the rest.

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