Google will demand 64-bit apps for Android in the Google Play Store

Android is the most used mobile operating system, by far, and that explains why there is  more movement in the Google Play Store than in the iOS app store , the  App Store . However, this does not necessarily justify the small  lack of control that the Mountain View firm has over its official application store. In any case, from  Google have announced  greater control for next year, as well as  new demands for developers to ‘hang’ their applications there.

In the end, the Mountain View company has laid  new and better foundations for the developers who offer or want to offer their  Android applications within the  Google Play Store .  First, and according to what they have announced for next year, from the second half of 2018 it will be an essential requirement that  new applications use the latest Android APIs. Now, this is something that will also apply, from that date, to  new updates of applications that are already available within the Google Play Store.

Google sets new demands for Android applications in the Google Play Store

The intentions of the company go through achieving  greater security and stability , and ensuring the  best performance . In this announcement about the new requirements to developers have included that  since 2019 will be a prerequisite to  add a 64-bit version to applications. 32-bit applications can be maintained, but in that case the same app will have to have a 64-bit version. And to add an ‘extra’ of security, new metadata have been introduced  that will be essential also from the second half of 2018.

It is the first time that the Mountain View firm  requires developers to  create their applications directing them directly to the  latest version of Android . In recent years from Google have been striving to  reduce the fragmentation of the operating system. And although it is something that still has an important road, start by the technical requirements of the applications is a new measure. However, laying new foundations for smart phone manufacturers is a movement that is also necessary, and for the moment it has not occurred.

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