AutoDraw: New Google app will Replace the “Paint”

Google , the American company, has just launched a website in which you can make drawings in a very interesting, fast and easy to use, which turns awkward lines that we have all ever done with the Paint brush and transforms them into predesigned drawings. The app is called AutoDraw  and is available on all technology platforms such as your computer or your cell phone.

Many netizens to see the functioning of this website, similar to the “Paint”, makes them think that in some not too distant future, static computers and laptops could come with the AutoDraw pre-installed as it has a better design and is easier to make drawings.

The operation that has this graphic editor that is intended for people who cannot draw is simple, you just have to go to the web from your computer or mobile and click on “Star Drawing”  and you’re ready to make the strokes you want. Once finished your drawing this platform uses a mechanism of ‘machine learning’ to detect the shape of your sketch, guess what it is and provide ‘clips’ of images saved in your database, among which it is possible to choose.

AutoDraw also includes the main functions of the basic image editors, so it is possible to select different colors for your drawings, insert shapes, custom strokes and also texts. The application can be used just for fun or to create invitations or simple greeting cards.

Once you finish your drawing , you can download it directly in .png format or share it with other users through a “link”. According to Google, the application is especially aimed at its use in “smartphones” and “tablets” without the need to download “software” for payment.

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