Send High Quality Image on WhatsApp without Losing Quality

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application in India. The service is adding features over the years, such as sending your location in real time, but it is still short in other tasks. We teach you to send images by WhatsApp without losing quality.

Method 1: through WhatsApp

The first solution to send images by WhatsApp to higher quality is to use WhatsApp itself. However, we must avoid common uses: nothing to use the integrated camera and nothing to use the sending of native images. We must go further to achieve the goal.

What you should do is take your photos always with the application of your camera, not with WhatsApp. You will have more options and it will work better, offering some more eye-catching photographs. Once you have photographed what you want, you should send it attaching it as a document, not from the gallery.

Select the clip that is used to send files, select Document and, on the next screen, click on “Search other documents …”. You will find yourself in the integrated file browser, and you can search for images, videos, audios, enter your microSD card … Choose the image you want and send it.

The recipient must download the received file and open it in an external viewer. Although the function of seeing the photograph inside the chat itself is lost, image quality is gained, so the sacrifice is less.

Method 2: Use Google Photos

Google Photos is increasingly integrated with the rest of Android, but its main advantage in this case is the automation of backup copies. This method will work better if Google Photos is copying and saving your photos in the cloud.

Enter the application and find the image you want to send. Press the Share button and click on the Create link option. This is important, because if you try to share directly by selecting WhatsApp, you will end up losing quality.

How to create a link in Google Photos

Once you have created the link, you will get a message asking you to select the application to share it. Press WhatsApp, press the contact you want to send and send the link as a text. The other person can access the photo through Google Photos and see it at the highest quality. Also, you can do this with full albums.

Method 3: SendAnyFile

SendAnyFile is an application that allows you to send any kind of file through WhatsApp. This includes full quality images. Once you install the application, find the photo you want to share and choose to share it with SendAnyFile. The app will process the file and ask you to select an application to send it. Select WhatsApp and the document will be sent.

The main disadvantage of this method is that the other person must have SendAnyFile installed as well. However, since it allows to send all kinds of files, it is an interesting app for the professional field. You can install it from the PlayStore.

Send images by WhatsApp without losing quality is possible

What these three methods demonstrate is that there is no excuse to send low quality photographs through WhatsApp. There are different options to avoid that problem, two of which come standard on any Android phone.

In addition, they are very simple tricks to perform and available to everyone. Although it is true that we will lose the ability to see the photos within WhatsApp, it is a matter of each user determining if they prefer comfort or quality. By options it will not be.

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