How to Improve SEO Ranking of your WordPress Blog

SEO is without a doubt one of the main sources of traffic that we can find on the Internet. There are countless blogs related to search engine positioning -especially Google- where techniques, strategies, tricks and all kinds of information on how to be in the first places are shared. Much of this content is related to […]

The 50 most wanted tips and tricks of WordPress

WordPress is a highly flexible platform that offers many customization options to create the website or blog we need quickly and easily. Thanks to the fact that it is an open source platform that offers plugins, themes and constant development, the amount of optimization tips and tricks, improvements and all kinds of things you can […]

Top 3 free cloud storage options

Cloud storage sites have surely become one of the utmost need of this era, and this is because people, business men as well as companies cannot fully rely on backup hard disks and on backup servers completely, as before you know

The best tips to start your computer or laptop first time.

If you just bought a computer, either a desktop or a laptop, it is convenient that the first time you put it in motion, using the power button, take a series of measures that will help you improve the functionalities and extend the useful life of the team. In today’s article we will review all […]

SEO Practice that you should avoid in 2018

Everything that refers to the web is in constant evolution, the techniques are constantly mutating.  We give you a list of SEO tactics that you should stop using in 2018. Practices that at some point were effective but that are no longer and you should not waste time or money on them. Not all techniques […]